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5th Hokage Name: Tsunade

5th Hokage

Name: Tsunade
Strengths: Medical Jutsu, Summoning, Insane Physical Strength, Giant Knockers
Family Members: The 1st Hokage (Grandfather), Nawaki (Brother)
Students: Shizune, Sakura Haruno
Info: Despite growing up during the great ninja wars, Tsunade’s younger days were pleasant ones, ninja training with Jiraiya and Orochimaru (who was still a creep back then, but not yet an evil one), living with her little brother, Nawaki (who bears a slight resemblance to Naruto), etc., life was good. Things started to change on Nawaki’s 12th birthday, when Tsunade gave him a very special present, a rare stone necklace belonging to their grandfather the 1st Hokage. Nawaki was of course extremely happy to get this as he too dreamed of one day becoming Hokage and protecting Konoha* just like their Grandfather did. Shortly after that day Nawaki was killed, the only details we are given regarding his death are that it happened on some mission and it was really messy, but it is suspicious that Orochimaru ended up in possession of the necklace until Tsunade arrived to see the damage. After Nawaki’s death, Tsunade went to government meetings began to push for the training of medical ninjas to be included in squads to reduce the deaths of Konoha ninjas. Her idea was promptly rejected, not because of lack of interest in her ideas, but lack of time and resources needed to train medical ninjas. One Jounin however, stood up of the idea as he had just lost his little sister in a raid on the village, but to no avail. After that meeting, Tsunade and Dan the Jounin became very close, so close in fact, that the night before the two were to leave on a huge mission Tsunade presented him with the necklace that had belonged to her brother (and grandfather) because Dan too wanted to become Hokage to keep others from feeling the pain he felt after losing his sister. Sadly, during the mission Dan was severely wounded and in the end the bled to death as Tsunade tried desperately to close the wound. From that night on, Tsunade developed a paralyzing fear of blood due to the fact that she was covered with the stuff after Dan bled to death. She also became disenchanted with the life of a ninja and left Konoha with her apprentice Shizune. Many years later, after the death of the 3rd Hokage at the hands of Orochimaru the Konoha government needed to find a new 5th Hokage fast, the first offered the position to Jiraiya, but he refused. He then volunteered to go on a trip to find Tsunade so she could fill the position, making sure to take Naruto with him for special Jutsu training. While Naruto worked perfecting Jiraiya’s Jutsu, Jiraiya went from place to place seeing if anyone had seen her (and doing a **** load of drinking and partying). Anyways, after while Jiraiya and Naruto found her, but unknown to them, so had Orochimaru, who had met with her in secret offering her the resurrection of Nawaki and Dan in exchange for healing his damaged arms. At first she cannot decide, so Orochimaru gives her a week to think it over. During this time, she does some soul searching ad spends time with Jiraiya and Naruto, after hearing their offer to become 5th Hokage, she refuses, and as Naruto often does, he pisses off Tsunade saying that she’s an old bat who can’t do any good for the village anyways, and how he’s going to be the best Hokage ever. After a few minutes of this, Tsunade’s famous temper flares up and she beats the **** out of Naruto using only one finger. After smacking him around for a few minutes, she offers Naruto a bet, if he can master his new Jutsu in one week, she’ll acknowledge that he has the potential to become a strong Hokage, and give him the necklace that once belonged to the 1st Hokage (and her brother, and her boyfriend, but I digress). If Naruto fails to master the Jutsu, then Tsunade gets all of Naruto’s pocket money, which is quite a lot considering he just won a big lottery in a nearby village. So the days pass, and the day for Tsunade’s big decision arrives, all the signs say that she’s going to accept Orochimaru’s offer. She leaves alone for an abandoned area, even resorting to drugging Jiraiya so he won’t follow. After some brief temptation, she at last changes her mind and decides not only to not heal Orochimaru’s hands, but to defeat him, as the 5th Hokage! She also overcomes her fear of blood in order to fight off Orochimaru and his subordinate. At about that time reinforcements show up in the form of Jiraiya who is still drugged so he’s only at about 1/3 of his normal power, Shizune, Naruto who’s just mastered his new Jutsu and won the bet. What follows is a massive Smackdown between the most powerful ninja’s ever. In the end, Orochimaru is beaten and flees off with his underlings, while Naruto is seriously wounded. Fearing a repeat of what happened with Dan; Tsunade desperately tries to heal Naruto, and just barely pulls it off. It is then admits Naruto has won their bet and the 1st Hokage’s necklace changes hands for the final time. After their ordeal Naruto, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune and Ton-Ton all return to Konoha where Tsunade is inaugurated as the 5th Hokage. Honestly though, she’s not well suited to the task, she hates doing the necessary office work and if left unchecked by Shizune, would rather spend the whole day drinking and lounging. Her medical skills often come in particularly useful in healing Rock Lee’s damaged spine and the various injured Gennins after Sasuke’s betrayal, after which Sakura becomes her new protégé feeling worthless after her was powerless to stop Sasuke from leaving. Being a medical Ninja, Tsunade does not possess much in the way of combat Jutsus (comparatively speaking), but instead takes advantage of her insane physical strength to over whelm opponents, it has even been remarked that one “clean hit” from her is enough to finish any opponent. As with all her fellow Sennins however, she is also skilled with the Summoning Jutsu (Kyuichose No Jutsu), in her case summoning slugs to do her bidding (yes, I said slugs). Sadly, the only one we’ve met thus far is her most power ally, a rather shy, 6 story tall slug named Katsui, seen here using her signature, ‘Acid of 1000 Fangs Jutsu’ (Zeshi Nensan). When all else fails though, Tsunade does possess one final trump card, her Genesis of Rebirth Jutsu (Ninpo, Sozo Saise). You see, that small diamond on her forehead is actually a seal that she uses to store vast amounts of unused chakra, when the Genesis of Rebirth is activated the seal expands to its full shape and all the compressed chakra is released. This chakra not only heals all damage to her body and organs, but can actually regenerate any lost body tissue, making it almost impossible for Tsunade to die in battle. There are however three disadvantages to using this technique; 1) the Jutsu has a strict time limit, and after her time is up, she’s completely helpless, as in can’t do **** for the rest of the battle, 2) she’s so weak after the time limit is up that she is unable to maintain her Anti-Aging Jutsu, and thus reverts to her natural form until she regains her strength, and 3) The number of times human cells can divide is finite, and by forcing her cells into over drive this technique actually shortens her overall lifespan, so it must the used with extreme caution.

Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu, Chidori.
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