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3rd Hokage Name: Sarutobi

3rd Hokage

Name: Sarutobi
Strengths: Knowledge of over 1,000 Jutsus, Genius intelligence, Summoning
Family Members: Konohamaru (Grandson)
Students: Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru
Info: Sarutobi is a kind old man in every sense of the word, he regards everyone living in Konoha has a family member often acting like a grandfather to his people instead of just their leader. His biggest drive in life is to keep Konoha safe and to keep the people who live there happy. He is also known to be a bit of a pervert as seen by his vulnerability to Naruto’s Sexy Jutsu as well as his interest in young Jiraiya’s peeping techniques. Despite his calm and kindly exterior however, he is an incredibly strong leader with guts and willpower to match. Not much is known about Sarutobi’s life before he became Hokage. We do know that as a Jounin he was in charge of training the Gennins that would one day become the 2 Legendary Sennins, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru, and that he pioneered the “get the bells” drill the Kakashi would later employ on Naruto and the rest of team seven. After the 4th Hokage was chosen he decided to retire and let the 4th run the village, but after the 4th died fighting Kyuubi Sarutobi took the position of Hokage once again. It was because of his leadership skills that lead Konoha to victory/peace against both the Earth and Thunder countries. He took great interest in Orochimaru as a student because of Orochimaru’s genius and hoped he would someday inherit the title of Hokage and rule the village justly. This dream blinded him from seeing Orochimaru’s inner malice until one day Orochimaru was caught experimenting on Konoha ninjas trying to create in immortality Jutsu. Even when confronted by this evidence, Sarutobi still couldn’t bring himself to kill his former student and Orochimaru escaped to wreck havoc later. Prior to the Wind and Sound country’s invasion of Konoha he was planning on staying in office for 5 more years before choosing a 5th Hokage, but that plan was never realized do to his defeat at Orochimaru’s hands, but even in defeat the 3rd managed to save his homeland by stealing the life-force from Orochimaru’s hands which rendered them useless, and him Jutsu-less. Being a master of over 1,000 Jutsus, including EVERY secret Jutsu in Konoha, Sarutobi has a pretty nice arsenal of moves to choose from, though he seems to favor fire and earth style Jutsus. This is most likely due to the fact the fire Jutsus are Konoha’s specialty and the fact that he spent a great deal of time fighting against enemy ninjas from the earth country, thus he has a great deal of experience with them. But his arsenal alone is not what makes him so dangerous, it’s the way he uses and combines them that lead to him being called the most powerful Hokage of all time (at least, when he was in his prime). An example of this was seen in his fight with Orochimaru wherein he combined the Earth Style; Earth Dragon Missile (Doton, Doryuudan), a Jutsu that causes a dragon head of mud to rise up and spit mud missiles at the opponent, with the Fire Dragon Missile (Karyuudan) which causes the user to breath intends flames, to create missiles of molten lava. Like most upper level Shinobis, Sarutobi also knows the Summoning Jutsu (Kyuichose No Jutsu); in his case he is able to summon monkeys. The only one of whom we’ve seen him summon (and most likely the strongest of the monkeys) is Enma, the eldest Monkey a.k.a. The Monkey God, King Enma. While he’s not as large as some of the other Kyuichose No Jutsu animals, Enma’s extremely tough, as he is able to physically fend off a Kage level opponent without too much difficulty. His true power though, is his unique ability to transform into a black and gold Bo staff called the “Free Forming Diamond pole,” (Kongou Nyoi). As its name suggests this weapon is as hard as a diamond and can adjust its size and length at will. not only that, but since Enma is the actual weapon itself he/it can move around completely unaided, he can also multiply himself and cause his eyes and arms to sprout from anywhere on the pole. As a last resort Sarutobi has the ability to call on the most power and most dangerous Jutsu created by the 4th Hokage, the Demonic Soul Seal (Fuuinjutsu Shiki Fuujin). This is the same technique the 4th used to seal Kyuubi inside Naruto’s body so the sheer power of this Jutsu is beyond compare. This Jutsu allows the user to call upon a Shikigami or “Death God” which joins with the actions of the user. Shikigami reaches into an outline of a soul in front of him which is actually the user. When the user grabs the victim, the Shikigami extends his hand through the soul outline and comes out from the stomach of the user. The Shikigami’s hand goes into the enemy's stomach where from it literally rips the soul out. After the soul is pulled back into the user, the user says "Fuuin" (Seal) this completes the seal of the soul in the user's body. This can be used until the user runs out of energy, and since it is a sealing Jutsu, there is a price. The user pays the price with his life, which death devours. The souls of both the user and the target are kept in the belly of the Shikigami, and will suffer for all eternity in the belly of the Shikigami never gaining release, hating each other and battling for all of eternity. Apparently if the soul is not completely extracted from the body, Death can cut part of it and seal just the part which he has grasped. In Orochimaru's case this was his arms, which are now lifeless and unusable

Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu, Chidori.
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