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Jiraiya Country: Fire Country; Hidden Leaf Village
Age: 51 Height: 191.2 CM Weight: 87.5 KG
Birthday: November 11th
Bloodtype: B
First Seen: Chapter 090; Anime Episode 052
Acquaintances: Gamabunta, Orochimaru, Sandaime Hokage, Tsunade, Uzumaki Naruto
Jiraiya the "Gama Sennin" (Toad Hermit) is a very unique character in the world of Naruto who is part of the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja) of Konoha, a group that is composed of himself, Godaime Hokage Tsunade, and Orochimaru. His Legendary status however doesn't mean that he acts anything like a lord, in fact it is quite to the contrary, possessing a fabulous sense of humour that sets him apart from any other ninja. Jiraiya's favorite target is none other than his hot-tempered student, Uzumaki Naruto! With a list of hobbies that includes spying on young attractive girls, supposedly for very serious studies, it unfortunately has to be admitted that everybodie's favorite hermit is a pervert! Nonetheless, Jiraiya has an incredible sense of justice and does not kill anybody without a very good reason to do so, most of the time he just gives them a beating, and that proves to be very useful as he can interrogate the enemy afterwards. Jiraiya also has a great knowledge of everything related to the world of ninjas and he's both a reliable source of information and a wise adviser that knows what to do when he or someone else is in a difficult situation. The only weakness this powerful Sannin seems to have is his love for girls which sometimes, leads him into some trouble. Even so, Jiraiya is a good judge of appearance and knows when to trust somebody.

Jiraiya has quite the unusual story, the young perverted sannin was trained under Sarutobi Sandaime Hokage with his two other sannin fellows Tsunade and Orochimaru. Jiraiya was like Uzumaki Naruto in the beginning, criticized a lot by his sensei for not progressing like he wanted to and only inventing bizarre or perverted techniques (such as Naruto's Sexy no Jutsu), and was always being told to take Orochimaru as a rolemodel for he was both powerful and obdeient. The situation remained the same for awhile, but eventually Jiraiya would become an excellent ninja, he even became the teacher of the Yellow Flash, the future Fourth Hokage. Little by little Orochimaru's lust for power became more and more unstabe, he began to secretly kidnap ninjas to experiment on them to discover more techniques. It became even worse when Sandaime chose the Yellow Flash as the new Hokage because Orochimaru's behaviour was too unstable and before Sarutobi had a chance to stop him (or, before he found the inner strength to kill one of his favorite students) Orochimaru escaped the village of Konoha.

Jiraiya who had become best of friends with Orochimaru over time ran after him and tried to stop him and make him change his ways, unfortunately the young adult was defeated by his comrade and was left alone. Living through the exact same situation that Naruto found himself in three years ago, when he was unable to stop Sasuke (with the only difference being that Jiraiya gave up on his ex-teammate while Naruto wouldn't), it is maybe no wonder that for the reason of not being able to change the situation and not being able to face the reality of it all, Jiraiya became a hermit. Or, was it to spy on Orochimaru and Akatsuki? As the years went by he stayed all alone, until one day when his fate changed and he met a young hot-tempered foolish, yet, promising student named: Naruto! "If you remain a fool, a life of pain will be your reality", Jiraiya certainly did not make a foolish choice with Naruto!

Jiraiya does not possess the title of Sannin for nothing, he is indeed one of the most powerful ninja ever. His fighting style is refined and original, while still being complete and powerful. We don't see him use a lot of taijutsu he is still able to execute amazingly strong physical moves and is quite powerful in that domain. And when he needs to pack an extra punch, he can execute the Rasengan, leaving even the most powerful of his opponents on the ground drooling! This technique is one of Jiraiya's strongest moves and it can easily destroy even a huge boulder. When Jiraiya doesn't use this technique or taijutsu, Jiraiya relies on his summoning techniques. A number of years ago Jiraiya made a pact with toads, so that he could summon them whenever need be, even the most powerful toad of them all is at his command, Gamabunta. This frog is so powerful that it can even hold back the extremely deadly Shukaku's attacks! While the toads can perform techniques on their own, Jiraiya can also execute special combination moves with them for an extra big punch. For example Jiraiya can do a Katon (fire) jutsu while Gama will shoot out oil, and you can imagine the result! In addition to this impressive arsenal of techniques, Jiraiya's experience makes him quite difficult to fool or surprise, thus, making him an even more formidable opponent. 2003-2007 All Rights Reserved

Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu, Chidori.
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